Apple iphone 10 Price in Bangladesh

iPhone 10 Price in Bangladesh and Specifications


Apple iPhone 10 Price in Bangladesh depends on some factors. As Apple continues to release iPhone upgrades, Apple factory always seems to find a way to make them stand out from the previous generation. Apple introduced three different models of iPhone 10 that were released in 2018. In this article, we will discuss the iPhone 10 price in Bangladesh and its full specifications.

The smallest Apple iPhone 10 lacks the 3D touch feature and is, therefore, cheaper than the other models. All three models have wireless charging capabilities and better battery life than their predecessors.

By far, all three of these models support Face ID and Animoji features that were introduced with iPhone X earlier in the year.

The iPhone 10 also has a new A13 Bionic chip that is faster and more powerful than previous generations of the Apple iPhone. In addition, all three models have improved water resistance, better camera technology, and four-channel carrier aggregation to improve network speed.

iPhone 10 price in Bangladesh

The latest Apple iPhone 10 price in Bangladesh (BD price) starts at BDT 84,500, which has 3GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Another one’s price is BDT 120,499, which has 256GB of storage. Both of the models have a 2716 mAh battery, a 12+12-megapixel rear camera, and a 7-megapixel front camera.

Apple introduced the A13 Bionic chip in the iPhone 10. After a long wait and an almost identical design year after year, Apple has finally released the iPhone X, or iPhone 10 as some refer to it. Furthermore, this is one of the most awaited smartphones of 2018. Millions of iPhone fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Apple’s next great phone. 

The price of the latest, newly launched Apple iPhone 13 is a little bit more than the price of the iPhone 10. So, if you want to utilize a fresh new phone, now’s the time to purchase the latest iPhone. You can also buy an iPhone 11, adding some extra money.

iPhone 10 max price in Bangladesh

The iPhone 10 max price in Bangladesh starts at BDT 94,048 and has 64GB of storage. Another price starts at BDT 106,884, which has 256GB of storage.

iPhone 10 plus price in Bangladesh

The iPhone 10 plus price in Bangladesh starts at BDT 73,500, which has 64GB of storage, and another price is BDT 79,500, which has 256GB of storage.

iPhone X price in Bangladesh unofficial

The maximum number of iPhones used in Bangladesh is unofficial. The iPhone X unofficial price in Bangladesh starts at BDT 64,000, which has 64GB of storage.

iPhone 10 XS price in Bangladesh

The price of the iPhone 10 XS in Bangladesh starts at BDT 85,490, which has 64GB of storage. Another price is around BDT 99,890, which has 256GB of storage.

iPhone 10 (iPhone X) Full Specifications

  • Flash memory storage capacities of 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB are available.
  • IP68 dust and water resistance, up to 2 meters for 30 minutes.
  • Apple’s A13 Bionic chip includes a next-generation Neural Engine.
  • Wireless charging capability.
  • It takes up to 30 minutes longer than the previous generation of the iPhone.
  • 5.8-inch Super Retina HD display with HDR and True Tone technology, a 1,000,000: 1 contrast ratio, and broad color support for immersive gaming experiences.
  • Face ID
  • Four-channel carrier aggregation provides higher speeds and better performance.
  • True-Depth Camera System with a 7-megapixel camera
  • Enhanced bokeh effect in portrait mode shots
  • Faster image signal processor for more accurate photos and videos with reduced noise and improved detail.
  • Dual rear 12-megapixel cameras with support for 2x optical zoom and quad-LED two-tone flash.
  • Water resistance to a depth of 1 meter (or up to 30 minutes in water)
  • New augmented reality experiences based on the TrueDepth Camera System and the A13 Bionic chip.
  • iOS 12 includes Group FaceTime, augmented reality, and app store access to over 1.3 million apps.
  • 256GB of flash memory storage options, in addition to 64GB and 128GB versions for each model.
  • 4K video recording at 24fps, 30fps, or 60 fps.

Hardware of Apple iPhone 10 (iPhone X)

The Apple iPhone X (iPhone 10) is built with a glass sandwich construction. The smartphone has a glass back and an aluminum frame. Apple refers to this as “strengthened glass on the front and back.” As a result, it appears to be identically attractive.

Apple iphone 10

Because of its set of weights, the smartphone is quite comfortable to hold. But the most important feature is that this device is waterproof. This device is water and dust resistant to IP67 standards.

The new Apple iPhone X (iPhone 10) is barely 174g and has dimensions of 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm. As a result, it can be classified as a “light smartphone.” It feels a little heavier in the hand due to the larger body nut, but it has a truly unibody design.

The 5.8-inch super retina OLED touchscreen sits on the front, and Apple describes it as a Retina AMOLED display.

The top bezel seems to have the earpiece (which isn’t a second speaker, disappointingly), ambient light and motion detection, a camera, and even a flash. However, there is no notification LED, which is a concern.

On the left side, there is a SIM card tray that can accept up to two SIM cards, but there is no particular microSD card slot.

A bottom-firing main speaker and the primary mic are located at the base. The device’s proprietary USB charging connector is also located on the bottom.

Except for the secondary microphone, the upper portion of the phone looks perfect. The brand new Apple iPhone X does not have a 3.5 mm audio jack connection (iPhone 10).

Space Gray and Silver are the two-color patterns available on this smartphone. The nicest visuals are provided by both models.

FAQs on iPhone 10 (iPhone X)

Is the iPhone 10 good or bad?

The Optimistic iPhone 10 offers a wonderful balance of portability and a large, attractive 5.8-inch OLED display. In low light, the iPhone 8 Plus’s rear-facing macro camera outperforms the iPhone 8 Plus, while the front-facing camera captures stunning portrait mode selfies. Face ID is highly reliable.

Is the iPhone 10 waterproof?

Before you take your iPhone 10 into the water and end up with a worthless handset, keep in mind that it is just water-resistant. It is not waterproof. You’ll need a durable waterproof cover to take your iPhone 10 underwater for photos.

What’s the iPhone 10 called?

The iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10) is the name of the device. The pronunciation is similar to that of Mac OS X, which is pronounced 10. The smartphone was announced as the “iPhone 10” during the special event. This is carried on in Apple’s “Introducing iPhone X” trailer.


On a day-to-day level, using the iPhone 10 hasn’t been as easy as we had hoped. That gorgeous AMOLED screen, the on-trend bezel-less design factor, the main camera system that seldom disappoints, and the A11 Bionic processor’s performance are all class-leading.

And there isn’t a big flaw with the iPhone 10 that we can point to as a source of dissatisfaction. The iPhone 10 seems like a work in progress, with small niggles and annoyances with Face ID and the new gestures. It’s promising but still raw around the edges.

Apple frequently leads the pack in terms of pricing, which is a polite way of saying that their products aren’t cheap. And, in the case of the iPhone 10, we paid top dollar for the most expensive phone on the market, so we weren’t expecting much in terms of user experience.

Apple initially unveiled the MacBook Air ten years ago today, almost to the day, with a new design approach for its computers. The initial MacBook Air was pricey and lacking in a few important areas, but it grew into a class-leading computer over time (now left behind by Apple). The iPhone 10 looks and feels a lot like that product, and it’s the first of Apple’s next generation of phones, signifying the company’s direction.

It would be remiss of us to recommend an iPhone 10 over the identically stated iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus unless you specifically want the all-new form factor and its AMOLED screen with its larger aspect ratio.

We don’t blame you for wanting Apple’s latest and best, but we recommend spending some time with the iPhone 10 to see how Face ID and the new gestures work for yourself. If they work for you, you’ll walk in with your eyes wide open (no pun intended), and you won’t be disappointed since it’s still a high-end Apple product with an incredible software ecosystem to help you get the most out of it.

According to the specialist, the iPhone 10 price in Bangladesh is worth it. Because it comes with a revolutionary display technology that allows Apple devices to display material across the full front surface.